About Angelina


AngelinavankemenadeAngelina was on 23 of April 1982 in a small village called Hoeven in the south of the Netherlands. Ever since she was a small child she loves being creative. She was always drawing or making op stories. After she finished high school, she followed an eduction for daycare. During her study she learned much about childeren. Something she can use in her stories. After that she followed a study on the artschool of ’s hertogenbosch.

During her education on the artschool Angelina didn’t only paint, she also wrote. She followed several writingcourses so she could improve herself.

Writing and more

Angelina is nog only a writer, she is also an illustrator and artist. Her favourite genre is Fantasy. She writes stories for childeren in the age of four to twelve. The following stories of Angelina are tranlated in English. You can find them on amazon

The forbidden book

Forbidden_Book_Revised_Ebook_3Myrtle’s grandma gives her granddaughter a special gift, a book. But what grandma doesn’t know is that this isn’t a normal book. The story brings Myrtle to a strange world where the Starmen live, a kidnapped child and a witch that wants her blood. And then there is Growly, the starman who took her to Starland, but can she trust him after his betrayal?

The forbidden book on Amazon

Can cans and more cans

PrintCan cans and more cans is a story about a spider and a mouse. People throw cans and garbage all over. It’s so bad that mouse can’t get in to his house anymore. Then Mouse and spider think of a clever way to clean the place. This story isn’t only fun, but also has a great message about the environment.
Can cans and more cans on Amazon

Grady harp:
“A fun little story that places potentially scary creatures such as a spider and a mouse as guardians of the planet – caring for the disposal of trash, recycling, and cleaning up the world around them. Children will definitely get the right idea form this fine book.”

“My child loved this book, gave him ideas of how to recycle cans and build things with it. Really good book to read at bedtime or anytime.”

Julia Stone:
“What a funny story! And it even has a message about saving the environment! My niece laughed so hard while we read this that she literally rolled on the floor laughing.”

A place for Melody

cover-imageWhen Melody’s parents are fighting, Melody look for a new home. She digs a hole in the garden and discovers the world of the strange creature Bleep Bleep.
A place for Melody


P.S. Winn
“This is an interesting read for kids. A bit confusing at first, but the point of the story comes through and makes this a great book for kids. When parents fight or other bad things happen kids want to hide. Melody meets a few strange creatures in her journey to escape the fighting of her parents and learns a valuable lesson by the time the book is done.”