The Forbidden book

About the forbidden book

Forbidden_Book_Revised_Ebook_3The best gift that Myrtle ever received from her grandmother was a mysterious book with a dark blue jacket, covered in stars. But there was something about the book that she felt compelled to discover. She couldn’t keep from looking at as it seemed to call to her: ‘Read me.’ And before long, Myrthe finds out that this is not just an ordinary book.

A peculiar little man called Growly emerges from it and takes Myrtle to Starland. On the journey Myrthe discovers that Starland is under the power of the wicked witch named Misera , who has imprisoned the other star men. Misera has also taken the real ruler of Starland, Princess Fairia, and locked her up in her castle.

Misera wants to take the blood of Myrtle, just like she did with amother child whom she hides somewhere in Starland.

Myrtle has no idea why the witch would be so mean, but decides that she must act. She resolves to search for Princess Fairia and the other child. But in her quest she makes a startling discovery: the one who can best help her, is the one that she can trust the least.

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